Two Tongue Theatre is a London-based bilingual company.

We devise innovative shows with a particular interest in the female experience. Our theatre also reflects a joyful attraction for what is strange, dark, funny, disturbing and silly….

Often pinching from the French theatrical tradition and culture, we make cross-cultural theatre that blends different styles and practices, combining multiple languages, intense physical performances, audience interaction and video.

We create playful shows with strong female narratives.

Our first play Folie a Deux was created for the Voila! festival 2013. It was freely inspired by Jean Genet's play The Maids and the real murder case of the Papin sisters.

Whilst researching 1930's France for our first show, we stumbled on the Grand Guignol: a theatre which presented horror plays to Paris audiences until the 1960s. We thought 'How interesting... a French horror theatre...' and our second play DIY Horror Play or Le Grand Guignol Resurrected was conceived in time for Halloween 2014.

In November 2015, the ‘Sony Leaks’ revealed how top Hollywood actresses were getting paid less than their male counter-parts. This sparked our desire to make a fun feminist piece drawing from our experiences as women in the entertainment industry. Boys Club was premiered at Voilà ! before going on tour in 2016-17.

Two Tongue Theatre